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About Alkaline

Welcome to Alkaline. We are an integrated skin, body and wellness clinic hidden in the heart of Potts Point. We take a holistic approach to your overall wellness. We aim to close the gap between beauty and health; between looking good and feeling great. The fundamental benefit of visiting Alkaline Spa & Clinic is the integrated approach we bring to solving  your individual health and beauty issues. The optimal program is not the same for everyone. Different genetic make-ups, lifestyles and predispositions mean we each have slightly different needs. At Alkaline you can select the best combination for you from the depth of skills and technologies we have, all under one roof. Our staff are fully trained to perform their specialist therapies.                 


Discover the secrets of alkaline/ acid balance, the key to overall wellness and beauty from within. A calming and peaceful space to  Detox  De-stress  Rejuvenate .



“Alkaline clinic is one of my favourite spa's in Sydney. It's boutique feel mean that they really put the customer first, treatments are excellent and they use great products. The staff are not pushy and don't upsell which makes for a great experience. Highly recommend.”


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