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Need to detox? De-stress? Lose weight?
Reverse the effects of age?
Feel better in a private setting.

Alkaline Clinic. It’s where busy people gather to get their Mojo back.
All of our treatments, therapies and products do far more than cover up the signs of toxicity and aging. We’ve searched the world to bring you the most sophisticated equipment and advanced products that enhance true health and beauty – from the inside – out by helping to restore your natural alkaline/acid balance.

Just some of the benefits of a healthy 'Alkaline' life are:

Treat yourself to a detox.
Alkaline has more than one way to remove toxins from your body, stimulate circulation, and spring clean your body. Best of all, is the pleasure of enjoying non-invasive and natural detox treatments in our spa environment.

De-stress: re-charge with our spa treatments.
Stressed? Want to perform at your peak?Strengthen your immune system? Stress unchecked increases your chance of illness and accelerates aging. We have a range of de-stress treatments to reverse the impacts of modern life, reducing physical and mental stress and recharging your reserves.

Anti-aging: be healthy in the long term, look great immediately.
Rather than settle for treatments that merely hide the effects of age, at Alkaline our range of anti-aging treatments get to the root causes of aging.

Weight loss: pamper yourself to your target weight.
We are all different; the aim is to find what weight loss program works best for you. You can achieve results without fad diets; here are some tried and tested ways to assist weight loss and reshape your body that you may not have heard of.

Alkaline. Be healthy, without doing without.
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