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Cellulite reduction. (Formostar & Endermologie)

Smooth out cellulite with Alkaline’s Endermologie and Formostar infrared body wrap system.

Cellulite is fat that has cooled and hardened from lack of blood supply and poor lymphatic circulation in the area. It is much more difficult for the body to metabolise than ‘soft’ subcutaneous fat and tends to be resilient against diet and exercise alone.

Formostar’s deeply penetrating heat allows blood flow to return to these stubborn areas, melting down the cellulite and releasing it back into the blood stream to be burned up as energy.

The patented mechanical massaging action of Endermologie will physically break down the cellulite, unblocking the paths for blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Formostar loves Endermologie for cellulite reduction.

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