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Body Contouring. (Endermologie - Sydney)

Saddle bags, love handles, beer belly, sagging pecs, wobbly arms - Concerned with the shape and appearance of your body, not just what you read on the scales?

Endermologie can successfully smooth, tone and reshape your body; breaking down stubborn fat deposits, and improving overall body shape and wellbeing.

The full body treatment is effective for both men and women and combines technology (which has been tested and proven to satisfy governing bodies in Australia, the USA, and the EU) with the skill and knowledge of a qualified therapist.

Your therapist performs a full consultation and body analysis to determine the areas targeted for treatment. They then operate the machine via a hand held treatment head that gently lifts and rolls the connective tissue, freeing up blocked circulation and breaking down those stubborn fatty deposits. The whole process feels like a full body massage.

Unlike traditional weight loss methods alone, Endermologie can target particular areas, rather than indiscriminately burning fat from anywhere on the body. You determine your target areas of concern and we tailor your treatment plan accordingly. The patented technology actually alters the fat distribution in the subcutaneous plane, improving your body contour and smoothing out the appearance of cellulite.

Like any treatment, Endermologie is not a quick fix, it is the start of a lifestyle change that will keep you bump free, permanently. Speak to your therapist about diet and exercise programs that will get you the best treatment results.

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