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What are you really made of? Find out with Alkaline's VLA Bioimpedance Analysis

Learn more about your body than the mirror will ever tell you.
Alkaline VLA ™ is a completely non-invasive tool for measuring your bioimpedance, or your body composition. From the findings you are provided with dietary and lifestyle tools and suggestions to help improve your general wellbeing, age healthily, improve vitality, and address any specific issues that may arise.

How old does your body think it is?
Your diet, lifestyle and genetic makeup will effect how quickly you body ages. You may be 30 but your lifestyle and toxicity levels may have your body responding like it's 40! VLA will provide you with an accurate picture of your cellular age, and our naturopaths will work with you to get you back to 21 again.

What to expect.
Your practitioner will connect leads to your hands and feet and pass a low voltage electrical current through your body. Sounds scary but it's completely safe and painless. The flow of the current will give us the feedback we need to analyse your body's composition.

Scientifically validated.
The science of BIA was originally developed for monitoring patients after surgery in a hospital setting and has been used in several missions to space to monitor changes to the astronauts body composition. At Alkaline we use it to get a better picture of your current state of health, and help you slow the signs of aging. We use it to monitor the results of your treatments over time and make sure you're on the right track and seeing all the expected improvements.

VLA can provide information on the following –

  • How much fat and muscle your body consists of
  • The ideal fat to muscle ratio and weight for your frame
  • Hydration levels (both inside and outside the cells)
  • The quality of your muscle tissue
  • Your cellular age
  • Your level of risk for metabolic disease
You will benefit from the VLA if you want to –
  • Mange your weight effectively 
  • Increase muscle tone and fitness
  • Improve your energy levels and mimimise fatigue
  • Age healthily (and slowly!)
  • Learn how to support you body nutritionally
  • Gain insight into your body beyond what the mirror tells you
Advantages of Alkaline VLA –
  • Qualified practitioners
  • Holistic view of your body’s needs
  • Access to a full range of treatment solutions
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