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Menu & Prices for our Potts Point day spa treatments and naturopathic services. Look good and feel great. Top to toe.

To suit your body, and your mood. Alkaline therapists are multi-disciplined and will tailor your massage to your individual needs.
60 minute de-stress (swedish style) $110
Remedial 60 minute $110 / 90 minute $145
40 minute back, neck and shoulder massage $85 (add to a facial - $80)
Pregnancy Massage 60 minute $110
Alkaline Signature Detox Massage 75 minute $145

Buy a series of 6 x 60 minute massages for $570 and you can mix and match the styles to suit.

Effective cellulite reduction through mechanical connective tissue massage and lymphatic stimulation
Single treatment $130
Series of 15 treatments $1,750 (includes a free treatment body stocking)

Infrared body wrap for slimming and detoxification. Lie down, relax, and burn up to 1,200 calories in a session.
Single session $110  /  Series of 8 $750  /  Series of 15 $1,300

Nutrition & Naturopathy
Advice on balancing your diet and lifestyle to achieve optimum health and hold the signs of aging at bay.
Initial consultation $110 (45 minutes)
Follow up / Regular session charged by treatment time

Hemaview Live Blood Screening
See yourself from the inside out. Microscopic live blood screening by trained technicians to give a visible and accurate assessment of various elements contributing to your current state of health.
Test with naturopathic consultation to assess findings (60 minutes) $160

Blood test only* with comprehensive take home report (30 minutes) $85
*Suitable as a follow up test or if you have been referred by another practitioner who wants to assess the results independently

VLA body composition analysis
Scientifically validated test measuring your body’s levels of energy production, fat, lean muscle mass, and cellular health. Learn how you can slow down the aging process.
Test with naturopathic consultation to assess findings (60 minutes) $140

Follow up (test only - 20 minutes) $60

Colon Hydrotherapy
Safe and gentle cleansing of the colon to improve bowel function, clear out toxic build up, alleviate gas and bloating, and improve your overall state of health.
Single session $120
Packages of 3 for $310 

Ion Cleanse
Ionically charged foot bath to stimulate circulation and aid detoxification.
Single session $49

Detox Sauna
Private far-infrared sauna for detoxification, muscle ease and cardiovascular conditioning.
Single session $49


Anti-aging skin rejuvenation light. Uses LED technology to boost cell function, minimise fine lines and increase collagen production in your skin.
Single treatment $110  /  Series of 8 treatments $770

Skin Care & Facials
Pick Me Up Facial - $85 - 30 minutes
Sodashi Facials - $130 - 60 minutes
Sodashi Thermal Infusing Facial - $210 - 90 minutes
AAA Balance Facial - $160 - 60 minutes
Emergin C Customised Facial - $130 - 60 minutes

Spa Body Treatments
Re-mineralizing Salt scrub $80 (add to a massage - $70)
Back 'facial' treatment - with extractions and purifying mask $110
Skin Rescue massage - one hour full body massage with antioxidant facial cleanse and brightening enzyme mask $130


2.75 hours / $245
- Colon Hydrotherapy
- Signature Detox Massage
- Far Infrared Detox Sauna

3 hours / $330
- Ion Cleanse foot bath
- Re-mineralising sea salt scrub
- Relaxation massage
- Customised facial with eye treatment

2.75 hours / $240 
- Detox Facial with extractions (for the top)
- Colon Hydrotherapy (for the insides)
- Ion Cleanse detox footbath (for the toes)

1.5 hours / $220 
- Brightening facial mask
- Eye treatment for the telltale bags
- Omnilux LED light session for a skin pick me up
- Foot massage to ease aching arches
- Ion Cleanse detox footbath (for the toes)

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