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Sydney day spa & detox packages. Come in for an hour, or stay for a day...

The beauty of Alkaline treatments is that they were chosen to compliment eachother. Different treatment combinations for different results. You can put together your own day spa package or try one of ours...

Alkaline skin care treatments are targeted, customised and results-driven. Comfort and relaxation included, naturally.

Day Spa Packages

The Ultimate Detox Package
A package of 3 of our most popular detox spa treatments: Our 75 minute Signature Detox Massage to stimulate circulation, drain toxins from the lymphatic system, and relax the body and mind; A 45 minute Colon Hydrotherapy session for the ultimate internal detox; and 35 minutes in the Infrared Detox Sauna to sweat out toxins through the skin and leave you feeling totally cleansed and relaxed.
Duration: 2.5 hours  |  Price: $299 

The Body Rescue Package
A half day spa package to suit every-body. As featured on Channel 7's Sydney Weekender. This package includes a 60 minute organic facial tailored to your skin concerns; a remineralizing full body salt scrub to stimulate circulation and slough off dull, dead skin cells; a one hour full body relaxation massage;and an Infrared Detox Sauna. It's a little bit of detox and a little bit of pampering in just the right amount of time.
Duration: 3 hours  |  Price: $399

The Top to Toe Package
Taking care of your whole body, top to toe. Start with a one hour detox facial with Omnilux to get your skin looking radiant; foot massage; move on to a 45 minute Colon Hydrotherapy session to clear you up on the inside; and finish by sweating the toxins out in an Infrared Detox Sauna.
Duration: 2.5 hours  |  Price: $349

The Post-Party Package
Co-incidentally, this package is just as great pre-party. Use it to prepare for a special occasion, or get your glow back after the big event. An Omnilux facial with a hydrating facial mask treatment to reduce those telltale bags; a foot massage to soothe aching arches; and an Infrared Detox Sauna to re-balance and re-energize. This express package will have you looking and feeling your best in no time at all.
Duration: 1.5 hours  |  Price: $220

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