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Omnilux Revive. Reverse the signs of aging at the speed of light, right here in the heart of Sydney. No surgery, no botox.

The wonders of science: younger looking skin.
Alkaline's Omnilux Revive is the non-invasive answer for anti-ageing. And sun damage. And skin irregularities. In fact the space age technology developed by NASA has been harnessed to create the most advanced anti-ageing skin treatment available to you here on earth at Alkaline day spa in Sydney's Potts Point.

Younger skin without surgery – see the light.
The opposite of UV light, infrared is the rejuvenating spectrum of light. With an exact exposure of 20 minutes at the correct frequency, this light energises, rejuvenates and repairs damaged skin, while naturally boosting your body’s own production of collagen. The treatment leaves you with younger, smoother, plumper looking skin.

Omnilux Revive also helps repair wounds and reduce scars.Omnilux sydney
If you have had recent surgery or a wound, scientific tests have proven the effectiveness of Omnilux light in accelerating healing with an associated reduction of scarring.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Why would you settle for second rate when you can have the best? Each surface area needs precisely 20 minutes of light exposure, at precisely the right waveband, for the LED to stimulate the cells and the technology to work it’s magic. There are pretenders and there is Alkaline Omnilux Revive. This is the proven system that is TGA approved to deliver guaranteed results. It’s superior to other light systems because of the precision with which it delivers a narrow waveband of light over a large area to stimulate the cells, resulting in proven wrinkle reduction.

Don’t do it for the science, do it because it feels good. Omnilux sydney
Omnilux Revive reverses the signs of age at light speed. Even better, unlike other treatments, Alkaline Omnilux feels like lying on the beach on a pleasant summer day. Feel free to doze off knowing these rays are doing you good. Many of our customers combine the Omnilux treatment, which only takes about 20 minutes, with a customised facial to increase the benefits of the treatment. Or finish with a massage for a totally relaxing experience.

Pamper yourself to a total package.
For the ultimate results driven facial, combine your Omnilux treatment with a customised facial.

Omnilux Revive has numerous benefits –

  • Repair and rejuvenate skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Speed wound healing, reduce scarring
  • Boost collagen production
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Encourage lasting hydration in the skin

What to expect –

  • Completely non-invasive and pain free
  • 30 minute treatment
  • Exposure to precise infrared light
  • Feels gently warming

Advantages of Alkaline Omnilux Revive –

  • Most advanced machine
  • Trained, qualified therapists
  • Private spa environment
  • Combine with a facial for added results
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