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Personalised herbal tonics, prepared just for you.

You are what you eat. Take control of your life.

Want to feel alert and alive? Want to have more energy and less excess weight? Want to age gracefully? Work with one of our qualified Sydney naturopaths and natural health practitioners to achieve optimum health at any stage in life.

What exactly is the “right” food for you?

naturopath sydney

Did you know that the optimal healthy diet is not the same for everyone? Different genetic make-ups, lifestyles and predispositions mean we each have slightly different nutritional needs. So rather than follow the latest fad diet, or try yet another off the shelf program, work with our qualified naturopaths and nutritionists to find out what your body needs to function at its best.

Personal roadmap to health, guided by a naturopath.
We can also help you to restore the natural balance that you need to feel vital and light. And we can help remove the toxins that may have built up in your body over time. At Alkaline health spa, because your detox program can be tailored just for you, look forward to the positive effects without those headaches and discomforts self administered, off-the-shelf quick-fixes can bring.

Learn the secrets of Alkaline super foods.naturopath sydney
In just the last few years, medical researchers worldwide have discovered the benefits of acid/alkaline balance. When the body reaches the ideal acid/alkaline balance, you enjoy radiant good health. When it is out of balance, acidic toxins begin to build up, resulting in illness and disease, weight gain and premature aging.

The key to achieving a healthy acid/alkaline balance is increasing the number of alkalizing foods. Some have exceptional qualities, from asparagus and apple juice, to sweet potato and sea salt. We can help you learn how combinations can influence the chemical effects of what you eat, so you can achieve a healthy balance without having to go without.

East yourself slim.
You are what you eat. But ‘diet’ doesn’t necessarily have to mean forgetting about all the good things in life. It’s about finding what is realistic for you, setting achievable and sustainable goals in nutrition. Work with a qualified dietary expert to figure out what works for you. And what doesn’t.

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