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Swedish Relaxation Massage?
Remedial Massage? Pregnancy Massage?
Get the massage - Sydney massage therapy.

People often underestimate the power of massage. It can relax us, ease aching muscles, increase circulation, drain toxins from our lymphatic systems, energize us, stimulate our internal organs, release endorphins and serotonin to make us feel good...

Our massage therapists are highly skilled and multi-disciplined. We offer everything from Remedial massage (a firmer style for targeted aches and pains), to Swedish style Relaxation massage (lie down, bliss out), to Pregnancy and pre-natal massage (for Mum's to be). Remember to specify which style of massage you prefer when you book, so that we can match you up with the best massage therapist for your requirements. Some massage therapies are eligible for health fund rebates. Please ask reception when booking if you require a listed therapist.

Massage treatments available at our Potts Point Day Spa

Swedish-style Relaxation Massage
Block out the world for and de-stress for an hour with a classic full body massage. The treatment flows through through the body systematically, helping drain the lymph and improve circulation while easing away tension. Pressure can vary from light to firm, depending on your preference and stroke technique is long and flowing.

Remedial Massage
Perfect for targeted pain due to injury or strain. Remedial massage is more therapeutic, involving a firmer touch and a deeper manipulation of the muscles. Our therapists are highly skilled and multi disciplined and will tailor your treatment to suit your particular needs.

Extended Remedial Massage
When one hour just isn't long enough... A 90 minute Remedial Massage is the perfect way to combat strains and tissue injuries from sport, stress or recreation.

Alkaline Detox Massage
Our signature detox massage begins with a full body dry body brushing to stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow. The massage is performed using Alkaline's Toxicleanse Oil with herbal extracts to assist with detoxification of the kidneys, liver and lymphatic system. Reflexology on the feet will target your digestive system, and a face and scalp massage will ease stress and tension.

Pregnancy Massage
A combination of massage techniques to relieve some of the strains and tensions experienced during pregnancy. Massage soothes the nervous system, relieves aching muscles, and helps reduce swelling by encouraging effective lymphatic drainage and circulation. Regular massage during pregnancy is thought to reduce labour time and makes what can be an uncomfortable time, a lot more enjoyable!

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
An express relief for the areas of the body most prone to holding stress and tension - the back, neck and shoulders. If you don't have time for a full body massage this is a great lunch-break alternative. Add to a facial for extra indulgence.

Day Spa Body Treatments

Re-mineralizing Salt Scrub
The skin is the largest organ in the body, our first line of defence against environmental toxins, and one of the most critical organs of detoxification. Alkaline mineral salt scrubs will gently clear off any dead skin cells (crucial because these trap all the toxins in the epidermis). They will allow your pores to breathe, and nourish the fresh skin cells underneath, leaving you silky smooth. Healthy cells will regenerate faster. Fast cell turnover is what keeps us young. And keeping the surface strong and smooth ensures this pathway of elimination remains clean and clear.

Back 'Facial'
Perfect skin isn't just about the face. A bumpy, scaly back can be embarrassing for both men and women. A back facial will target clogged pores, back acne, and dry dehydrated skin. Includes a back exfoliation, purifying mask, extractions, and moisture application. Great for that backless dress, and very popular with men.

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