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Facial treatments - Sydney.

Age affects our skin in different ways. Loss of hydration, loss of elasticity, redness, pigmentation, pronounced pores, lack of vitality or dull complexion. Prescriptive skin care treatments at Alkaline can target the exact problems that the years have imposed on your skin. Because your skin is unique, and your facial treatment should be too.

Alkaline skin care treatments are targeted, customised and results-driven. Comfort and relaxation included, naturally

Pick-me-up Facial
When you don’t quite have time for a full facial treatment, but your skin is lacking vitality and lustre, this express facial treatment will give your complexion an all pick-me-up with a facial cleanse, exfoliating compresses, face polish and mask.

AAA Balance Facial
Our Anti-Aging Anti-Oxidant Balancing facial is the ultimate in anti-aging. Using the cell regenerative power of Omnilux LED, combined with the potent antioxidants, this cosmeceutical facial will hydrate and repair the skin, boost natural collagen and elastin production, help to even out skin tone, and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; leaving your skin looking youthful, toned and radiant.

Customised Facial

Our Vitamin Facial is customised to target specific skin concerns by using a combination of potent botanicals and fruit acids, and cutting edge cosmeceutical-grade ingredients. Customised to your needs to alleviate everything from acne to sun damage, this facial has powerful anti-aging properties. 

Detox Facial 
A one hour professional skin detox. Cleanse and exfoliation, followed by extractions and purifying mask. Finished with some facial lymphatic drainage massage to prevent future blockages and breakouts.
Duration: 60 minutes   |  Price: $160


DermaFrac - Skin Needling

Non invasion high performance skin needling facial which includes microdermabrasion for exfoliation, microneedling for optimum delivery of nutrients to the skin, LED light therapy to soothe the skin 


Facial Add-ons

Hydrating Mask - $60

Omnilux - $60 - 20 minutes


Brows etc

Eyebrow wax/shape - $40

Eyebrow tint - $25

Eyelash tint - $30

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