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Sydney Naturopath Kylie Armstrong. - Currently on leave 

Meet Kylie....

Kylie has been involved both professionally and personally in Health and wellness for over 15 years. She gained her Bachelor degree in naturopathy at Southern Cross University in 2008. This university qualification has the reputation of having the most rigorous training and fortunately demands very high standards.

Kylie is a medically trained herbalist, nutritionist, homeopath and massage therapist. She has been fortunate to work with and be mentored by industry leaders.

Her personal experience of overcoming and working through serious health issues has given her the perspective and clarity to help others. Kylie is a truly holistic naturopath, she has a highly developed intuitive healing nature, that is grounded in solid scientific knowledge and training. She combines her skills and attributes to create specific treatments and health plans that are tailored and address the needs of individuals.

Kylie is passionate about health and wellness; she creates an opportunity for her clients to live a balanced and dynamic life. She is a personal inspiration to them by personifying the naturopathic life.

Kylie brings a relaxed openness and a sense of humour to her consultations whilst remaining professional and focused on optimising the health outcomes of her clients. She is naturally very caring, open minded and non-judgmental; this gives an opportunity for her clients to be open and honest in a safe environment. Her enthusiasm and fascination for human beings, their behaviour and the human experience continues to be a source of motivation, and contributes to positive outcomes for those who cross her path.

Kylie can help you with weight loss, detox, stress management, digestive issues, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, and hormonal imbalance. She uses clinical testing tools like VLA to help both assess your current state of health, and motivate you along your path to wellness.

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