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Colon cleansing: do it for the detox benefits
Colon cleansing has made a comeback in the last several years. Your grandparents may have routinely performed a colon cleansing as part of their preventive health regimen.

Considering colon cleansing?
It's almost certain you have an "unclean" and toxic colon. In fact, a toxic colon probably contributes to almost every disease suffered by the human race.

Constipation a problem? Colon cleansing is an answer.
How many people admit to being constipated? It’s not something we normally bring up in a social conversation. Yet, more then millions of people, particularly in the Western world, have recurrent constipation.

The symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Also called “irritable bowel”, “irritable colon” or “spastic colon”, IBS is a common condition that affects one in five adult Americans, the majority of whom are women. This condition most often occurs in people from late teens to early 40’s.

What is a Colonic?
Depending upon your health condition, age and lifestyle, you may require one treatment per week for 3 to 6 weeks to properly clear the colon and colon walls of years of accumulated toxic waste.

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