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Email Permission Policy & Privacy Statement

Current as of 1 August 2008 and until next revised. Please check back regularly for any amendments.

Please note that we have two separate streams of email communication - our monthly newsletter and our day-to-day customer communication. Opting out of one will unfortunately not automatically opt you out of both.

Shortcuts automated marketing uses Gen3Media’s system to power permission-based marketing on the Internet, sending personalised messages from salons and spas (companies) to their customers. The transmission of unsolicited commercial email is expressly forbidden through Gen3Media’s system.

How we avoid "spam"?
Shortcuts automated marketing only communicates to individuals who are a customer of the participating companies (existing relationship*). In addition to this, any customers who have opted out of receiving email communication from the participating companies are explicitly excluded from receiving such communications.

We encourage companies to personalise their communication with information that indicates they have an existing relationship with their customer/s.

We encourage companies to respect their customers’ time and attention by controlling the frequency of mailings to individual email addresses. Gen3Media’s broadcast platform allows for a maximum of 8 emails per year to any individual member per company database. For any company to send more than 8 emails per year through our platform to any of their members, they must first provide us with a valid business reason for doing so. It is Gen3Media’s sole discretion as to what we term a valid business reason and we reserve the right to decide on a case by case basis. 

How do we protect your privacy?
Our system allows our clients (the companies you will be receiving email communication from) to collect identifiable information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by you to their website, location of business or through other forms of contact/communication.

Gen3Media employs generally accepted standards of technology and operational security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of your personal information, as supplied by you to one of our clients, and therefore used by our system.

Gen3Media understands the importance of protecting children's privacy especially when communication to them via email and therefore in an online environment. The services provided by Gen3Media to our customers are not intentionally designed for creating marketing opportunities directed at  anyone under the age of 18. And furthermore Gen3 Media and Shortcuts’ policy is to never knowingly collect or maintain information about anyone under the age of 18.

How can you stop a company from sending you more email?
Each email sent through the system contains an easy, automated way for you to cease receiving email from that sender. If you wish to do this, simply follow the Update Profile links at the end of any email and follow the instructions.

If you have received unwanted, unsolicited email sent via this system or purporting to be sent via this system, and believe you have already opted out, please forward a copy of that email with your comments to Shortcuts Software Help Desk for review. We will respond to you within 48 hours. In our experience most business owners would be horrified if they knew they were sending you unwanted communication….. usually we find a simple answer to such disputes – for example some people have joined twice and have two separate email address…. Our system has opted them out of the one address, but not the other…. etc. Rest assured we will work with you and the company you believe is sending you unwanted email and find a solution.

Please be assured we respect every member of our community and will ensure to the best of our abilities that none of our clients (the companies sending you email through our platform) continue contacting you should you use our "opt out" request button.

What to do if you are still not happy with the outcome:
The Data Protection Act 1998 gives you the right to make a complaint if you think "personal information, including health information about you, has been mishandled by a government agency or a private sector organization".

If you believe an organization has breached your personal information in direct contravention of the Data Protection Act 1998, you have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). According to ICO guidelines before complaining, first you should tell the organisation concerned and give it an opportunity put things right.  

You can contact the ICO helpline by calling either 08456 306 060 or 01625 545 745. Their website address is and their address specifically relating to the Data Protection Act 1998 is

Shortcuts and Gen3Media reserve the right to modify or amend our Permission Policy and Privacy Statement at any time. To ensure you always have our most recent version the effective date will always be clearly displayed at the beginning of this policy and statement.

Thank you

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