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Each week over June and July our review guru Ruby Harris will be bringing you the downlow on a range of spas around Australia so you can treat yourself to a relaxing massage or facial and know it comes highly recommended.

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Alkaline Health Spa - Potts Point Sydney

Shesaid has found a sanctuary of relaxation, pampering and rejuvenation right down the road from the infamous Kings Cross in Sydney’s east. The Alkaline Health Spa has a very different philosophy to most day spas as it takes a holistic approach to your overall wellness. 

The fundamental benefit of visiting Alkaline health spa is the integrated approach that have to helping solve both health and beauty issues on an individual level. They pride themselves on creating unique programs tailored for the individual rather than a “one size fits all approach”. 

They have bought together a unique blend of qualified professionals including natropaths and nutritionists teamed with highly skilled beauticians to ensure your overall wellbeing is being looked after. They have obviously searched the world to bring the most sophisticated equipment and advanced products that are proven to enhance true health and beauty. As they say at Alkaline; “Health and beauty are more than skin deep”. 

I had the ultimate pleasure of experiencing the “Pure pH Balancing Facial” which is Alkaline’s signature facial. I was completely pampered and relaxed for an hour while I had a totally customised skin care treatment to suit my skin and my concerns.(Yes, very dehydrated!) 

It is amazing how much knowledge these professionals have and it was great to see the natural and botanical products were used to restore my pH balance; and aromatherapy to restore my peace of mind (well she tried anyhow!) My skin looked plump and refreshed and some friends even commented on how relaxed I looked in the days after the treatment, surely that is a good sign isn’t it? 

Check it out for yourself! You deserve it.

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