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Alkaline's Formostar far infrared wrap in Harpers Bazaar


THIGH HOPES: "While we're on the charming topic of fat excretion, another treatment to catch our eye this month was Formostar ($98 per session, with eight to fifteen treatments recommended). Prepare to sweat buckets - all while lying down on a massage bed, watching Will & Grace. Silicone body pads are wrapped around your torso, thighs and upper arms, then heated up using far infrared heat to penetrate about 4.5 centimetres below your skin. This boosts blood into areas that have poor circulation and purports to stimulate your metabolism. My therapist at Alkaline (our new favourite detox spa in Sydney's Potts Point) tells me that one session is equivalent to a two-hour workout, burning about 5000 kilojues. I'm so zonked afterwards, I don't have the energy to argue."

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