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Formostar FAQ's.

How does this differ from the detox sauna?

The heat from the Formostar is much more targeted than the detox sauna, thus will generate faster results for weight loss and body contouring. The detox sauna will give the same result but is gentler and more gradual. The effect on your body is very similar from both treatments and we recommend sessions in the detox sauna between Formostar treatments to speed up your results.

How long does one session take?

You will be in the wrap for 50 minutes each session.

Is Far Infrared safe?

Yes. It is so safe that infrared heat is used in hospitals to warm newborn babies. It will not harm your skin like UV rays.

Is there anyone the Formostar is not suitable for?

Anyone with a heart condition, reduced ability to perspire, haemophilia, fever, insensitivity to heat, pregnancy, joint injury within the last 48 hours or injury that is still hot and swollen, children, pregnant women, anyone who has consumed alcohol or recreational drugs in the last 8 hours. Caution to anyone with varicose veins or metal pins, rods, or any other implants (consult physician first). Consult your GP if you are on any prescription medication.

What are the benefits?

Infrared heat increases circulation and cell regeneration. This in turn increases metabolism and the breakdown of fats and toxins in the body.

What do I wear during a Formostar treatment?

You need to wear loose cotton clothing under the wrap. This is to protect your skin from coming in direct contact with the bandages, and to absorb the sweat. We ask that you bring your own clothing for your sessions!

What happens during a treatment?

You will be lying down wrapped in hypoallergenic silicon bandages which transmit far infrared rays directly to into the body for 50 minutes at a time. Your circulation will be increased, fat deposits broken down, and you will SWEAT.

What is far infrared?

Far infrared light is a natural part of the sun’s spectrum and the heat energy that it generates is necessary for the health and vitality of all life forms. City living, pollution, even just bad weather can starve our bodies of these rays.

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