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Detox Sauna FAQ's.

How does an infrared sauna differ from a steam sauna?

A typical steam sauna works by heating the air, which in turn heats the body (or bodies) inside the sauna. Infrared heat targets objects rather than the air around them. This means the heat penetrates much deeper into the tissue and sweat is induced through much lower temperatures.

How long does one session take?

Each session is 30 minutes.

How often can I use the sauna?

Every day if you like. Infrared heat is healing and detoxifying. There is not harm in being exposed to it regularly, rather, it is beneficial. The more you use the sauna, the faster your body reacts to it, and the better you detoxify.

Is Far Infrared safe?

Yes. It is so safe that infrared heat is used in hospitals to warm newborn babies. It will not harm your skin like UV rays.

Is there anyone the Detox Sauna is not suitable for?

Anyone with a heart condition, reduced ability to perspire, haemophilia, fever, sensitivity to heat, pregnancy, joint injury within the last 48 hours or injury that is still hot and swollen, children, pregnant women, anyone who has consumed alcohol or recreational drugs in the last 8 hours. Caution to anyone with metal pins, rods, or any other implants (consult physician first). Women who are menstruating are asked to please abstain for now.

What are the benefits?

Infrared heat increases circulation and cell regeneration. This in turn increases metabolism and the breakdown of fats and toxins in the body.

What do I wear into the sauna?

You can wear your own underwear or we will provide you with disposables. Some people choose to also drape themselves with a towel for modesty, though this is entirely up to you.

What is far infrared?

Far infrared light is a natural part of the sun’s spectrum and the heat energy that it generates is necessary for the health and vitality of all life forms. City living, pollution, even just bad weather can starve our bodies of these rays.

Why Sunlight?

There are several saunas on the market claiming to be far infrared. Many of these do not even breach the far infrared spectrum, rendering them no more beneficial than a regular ‘hot box’. We searched the world for the best quality, most hypoallergenic sauna, with the most sound scientific research and backing - and discovered Sunlight Saunas.

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