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naturopathy sydney

Alkaline has qualified Naturopaths Sydney that can revitalise your body along with colonic irrigation. Our guys are qualified Naturopaths in Sydney, and will leave you feeling fresh and healthy.

Naturopathic programs.

Feeling toxic? Speak with a qualified naturopath at Alkaline about how to treat yourself to a detox. Without the headaches.

At Alkaline your detox program can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and your needs. We use a combination of nutrition, body treatments and personalised herbal tonics to get your body back into shape. From the inside out. And without the unpleasant reactions often experienced from off the shelf, one-size-fits-all detox products.

The best thing about embarking on a naturopathic detox program at Alkaline is that everything you need is under one roof. From the support to the treatments; nutritional products to specialised cook books; it’s all here in the middle of Potts Point.

Nestled in Potts Point Sydney, Alkaline has the best in Colonic Irrigation Sydney and Naturopath Sydney. Our staff are fully qualified in Naturopath Sydney and Colonic Irrigation Sydney

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