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Lymphatic drainage. (Endermologie - Sydney)

The lymphatic system and the circulatory system work hand in hand: the circulatory system transporting fluid around the body to flush and nourish the cells; and the lymphatic system cleaning up the excess fluid and waste for the body to expel.

If the lymphatic system is sluggish or becomes blocked, the waste is not properly cleared, resulting in toxicity and fluid retention.

Endermologie utilises patented technology to mechanically stimulate circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. Your cells will be flooded with nutrient and oxygen rich blood; waste will be cleared from your circulatory system, ready for the body to dispel; connective tissue will be massaged and exercised to increase elasticity.

The whole body treatment takes just 35 minutes per session and will help keep your body operating at it’s peak. Side effects? Reduction in cellulite and unseemly bulges.

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