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Far infrared sauna.

Sweating is one of the easiest and most effective methods of detoxification. Yet it is the most under-utilised in modern life. Most people’s skin is inactive due to sedentary living, tight synthetic clothing, exposure to chemicals, and use of anti-perspirant agents. Alkaline’s Detox Sauna uses infrared light to create deeply penetrating heat, at a waveband that is easily absorbed by human tissues and cells. The skin excretes toxins through sweat while the infrared energy triggers the release of toxins stored within your cells. Metabolism increased. Calories burned. Weight lost. Body cleansed. Regular sessions in Alkaline’s infrared sauna can restore the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins. If your body is not used to perspiring, you may find that it takes a few sessions to induce a deep sweat. This is normal and means your body is conditioning itself. While the external results may not yet be seen, inside your body your cells are still benefiting from the detoxing effects of the infrared heat.

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