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Colonic irrigation - Sydney.

The bowel is the body’s waste disposal unit. How often do you clean yours out?

It’s not unusual for an average person to be carrying around a few kilos of compacted toxic waste in their plumbing (small pockets sometimes for years). When left in your system these toxins are re-absorbed through the delicate intestinal wall, and re-circulated through the body. Over and over again.

A toxic, acidic bowel will encourage the fermentation of yeast and the incubation of parasites. A clean bowel will encourage the colonisation of the ‘friendly’ bacteria and intestinal flora necessary for good digestive health.

Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle and natural method of hydrating the colon, clearing it of built up waste and trapped gas, and training the bowel to eliminate more efficiently.

Colonics during a detox programme
Common complaints of headaches, fatigue or nausea during a detox program are a toxic overload on the liver and organs. Including colonics in you detox program can help to eliminate these toxins quickly, preventing them from recirculating and keeping you feeling on top of your game. Even while you’re detoxing.

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