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Alkaline acid balance

Alkaline/Acid Balance

What is acid, what is alkaline and how are they measured?
A little science is necessary to explain the importance of alkaline/acid balance to overall wellness. Acid is anything in the body that can give off hydrogen ions when dissolved in water. Acids are corrosive. Alkalinity is a measure of the ability to neutralise acids, having a pH value greater than 7. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral, anything below acid, and anything above 7 alkaline.

pH scale balance

Our bodies are designed to perform at their peak with a blood pH of 7.35-7.45. Too much acid in your blood is like trying to run your car with dirty old oil in your engine. It becomes sluggish, and if not fixed can break down completely.

Alkaline/acid balance is the measure of good health.

In 1988 the US Surgeon General’s Report on Health and Nutrition pointed out “one personal choice seems to influence long-term health more than any other – What We Eat”.  Most of us now look for ways to measure the effects of what we eat; cholesterol counts, calorie counters, blood pressure, and sugar levels. An overwhelming body of scientific reports today point to the single most important measure to indicate our health is the pH of our blood and tissues – how acid or alkaline we are.

In the same way our body operates in a very narrow temperature range, the smallest increases in acidity can have dramatic negative effects. Our body’s natural defence systems are overwhelmed by a build up of toxins and acidity. By helping our bodies eliminate toxins and increase alkalinity on a regular basis, we take enormous strain off our organs and immune systems and allow them to do what they do best; concentrate on building health, strength and vitality.

It’s time to give your body a chance with a prevention strategy, it’s much more effective than trying to treat the downward spiral of premature aging.

Achieve natural wellness by choosing alkalizing foods. 

One major influence on alkaline/acid balance of your body is what you eat. Most processed foods are acid producing, while there are a range of fresh fruits and vegetables that are alkaline-forming. The best choices aren’t always obvious, for instance asparagus is an alkaline super-food, while soybeans are extremely acid forming.

Work smarter with our qualified naturopaths and nutritionists to find out what your body needs to function at its best. Discover the secrets of alkaline/acid balance through food choice, one of the keys to overall wellness and beauty from within.

Treat yourself to a detox.

Alkaline has more than one way to help remove toxins from your body, stimulate circulation, and help restore your natural alkaline/acid balance:

Alkaline mineral salt scrubs
Far infrared Detox Sauna
Formostar Infrared wrap
Endermologie for lymphatic massage 
Colon hydrotherapy, the ultimate internal cleanse


Stressed? Want to perform at your peak? Stress unchecked causes the body to overproduce acid waste, which can increase your chance of illness and accelerates aging. Restore your immune system and alkaline/acid balance with our range of de-stress treatments and therapies: reverse the impacts of modern life, reducing stress and recharging your reserves.

Alkaline health products, vitamins and supplements.

Convenient and effective ways to help you maintain a healthy acid/alkaline balance between detox treatments. And just to get you through modern life.

Skin Care that is more than skin deep.

The skin is our largest living organ. It’s also one of the most vulnerable to a modern lifestyle. We have searched the world to find the best skin care products to balance the skin’s pH , replace critical vitamins, and boost antioxidants to strengthen our body’s first line of defence.

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