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Alkaline’s Omnilux Revive light reverses the signs of aging, at a cellular level, so the results will last.

As we age, cellular activity and energy levels drop. Cell turnover is slowed. Lowered levels of collagen and elastin lead to sagging skin and wrinkles. Complexion dulls. Scars are easily accumulated and not-so-easily healed.

Over 12 years of extensive medical research found that exposure to specific infrared wavelengths of light increase cellular activity at the dermal level (deep layers of the skin). Aside from benefits to the target area, increased circulation means the rejuvenating effect on the cells can be seen throughout the whole body.

20 minutes under Alkaline’s Omnilux Revive light will energise the cells and have an anti-aging effect. It will increase blood flow to the area, bringing with it nutrients and oxygen; collagen production will be stimulated to strengthen skin and diminish wrinkles; and the lymphatic system will be triggered to drain toxins from the skin and keep it glowing and healthy.

No surgery, no needles, no pain, no lazers, no down time. The results are outstanding, the technology proven (even utilised by NASA and the US army). Accept no substitutes for Alkaline Omnilux Revive.

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