Your Sydney Anti-ageing skin and body clinic. Rejuvenate, detox and de-stress at Alkaline Clinic, Potts Point Sydney | Tel: (02) 9332 2500 | Email
Banner image: About Alkaline Day Spa and Naturopathic Practitioners

A deliberately different day spa in the heart of Sydney's Potts Point.

Take a anti-ageing and holistic approach to your overall wellness.
The fundamental benefit of visiting Alkaline Clinic is the integrated approach we bring to solving your individual health and beauty issues. The optimal program is not the same for everyone. Different genetic make-ups, lifestyles and predispositions mean we each have slightly different needs.

At Alkaline you can select the best combination for you from the depth of skills and technologies we have, all under one roof. Rest assured all our staff are fully trained to perform their specialist therapies.

Detox. De-stress. Rejuvenate..Work smarter with our qualified cosmetic physicians, naturopaths and nutritionists to find out what your body needs to function at its best. Discover the secrets of alkaline/acid balance, the key to overall wellness and beauty from within.

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