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Monique Bolland - Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Welcome to our very first Alkaline blog.

There have been some big additions to Alkaline lately so we thought we should give you a quick update on all the improvements we have made.

First up – you have obviously already noticed the updated website. Check out the Online Shopping section if you need to top up on products like Alkaline Water or Vital Greens between visits.

We heard your cries for after work appointments and are now open until 8pm Monday to Thursday. We also have increased our Colon Hydrotherapy days, as promised, and are now offering colonics Monday through till Saturday.

New staff members include Douglas, general manager, massage and beauty therapist; River, remedial massage; and Erin, a qualified Naturopath, Colon Hydrotherapist and Hemaview Technician.

Which brings us to our newest toy – the Hemaview live blood screening tool. One drop of your blood and the technician can accurately assess various factors contributing to your current state of health – on a TV screen right in front of your eyes. From the findings we can tailor holistic programs to suit your needs, as well as monitor your progress along the way.

That’s enough for now… take your time to have a look around the new site and we’ll keep you updated as there are big things going on at Alkaline this year!
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